Right Accounting Software for your business: Is it Tally or QuickBooks?

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Right Accounting Software for your business: Is it Tally or QuickBooks?

Best accounting software helps in managing accounting in well organized manner with more accuracy and can be retrieved data at any time whenever you need. Nowadays accounting software also be used by small scale organization as these are more user friendly software and does not require dedicated professionals to run its regular operations. Selection of software for accounting services is majorly made at the time of starting the business or restructuring the organization. Choosing the particular software depends on the requirements of the users, so it is necessary to take such crucial decision that; which accounting software you want to install in your organization. Accounting software not only makes your life easy and delivers the accurate, real time information but also it reduces some cost to the organization for managing the records and generates the reports.

So let’s understand two accounting software Tally and QuickBooks, which one is more suitable software for your business bookkeeping. QuickBooks Online accounting software is developed by Intuit in US, based on cloud accounting offered in SAAS model whereas Tally is purely developed in India by Tally solutions private limited. Below are some factors by which you can take your decision to choose the software:-

Parameters QuickBooks Tally ERP 9
Target Business QuickBooks is simple online software for all the medium sized and small business accounting, GST, Invoicing. Tally is the leading Indian software for accounting, inventory, GST, and payroll.
Pricing QuickBooks is available at Rs. 5000 per month for its Basic Version. Silver Edition of Tally ERP 9 for a full license per single user charged Rs. 18000.
And it charged Rs. 3499 per month for Small Business Big Scale. Whereas Gold Edition available at Rs. 54000 full licenses for multi user
Payments SAAS (Depends on usage) Onetime
Mobile Support Yes Yes
Banking Integration Yes Yes
HR & Payroll No Yes
Invoicing Yes No
Multi Currency Supports Yes No
Notification Via Email or SMS Yes No
Online Banking Integration Yes No
Multi User login & Roll based access Yes No
Security Feature Yes No
Information Storage Online On computer’s Hard drive
Training or Dedicated person Not Required, easy to use and user-friendly Required trained and experienced professionals


By going through above all the benefits of QuickBooks over Tally, QuickBooks supports better in the field of sales, finance, HR, maintain and update the operational data, manage inventory, prepare the MIS or managing the employee payroll for your small and medium level business. Whether you are engaged in the industries like electronics, real estate, fashion, manufacturing or any other industry we at Infocrest are ready to solve your accounting related problems. Our team of expert manages all accounting services on QuickBooks- A new entrant software in India and ensures the smooth running of your business.

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