Looking for incredible infographics designing?

“Infographics – The most trending on the digital world,” their popularity is sky-rocketing like a facebook virus every minute. In the coming years, people might associate all the online platforms as the infographics world instead of the digital one.

Infographics simply use the graphic designing to optimize content and make your social media presence winning. Infocrest is here to give you know-how on what are Infographics, why are they amazing and its various types.

We all have heard the traditional marketing saying, “Customer is King” but the modern marketing asserts, “Visual content is king.”

“When visual content is king to reach the target audience social media and content marketing are the modern jargons to stay competitive. So, here comes the most important role of infographics to make people aware and also ensure engagement.

The reason behind infographics popularity is its strong visual appeals which catch attention immediately and helps the users to understand quickly.

The research has also proved that indeed infographics are very useful.

An infographic is 30x more likely to be read than an article made up of pure text.

Colorful visuals increases the curiosity to read the content by 80%.

People retain at least 65% of information when combined with images, as compared to information heard or written content.

For modern marketing, content with relevant images get 94% higher views than content without images.

Types of Infographics:

There are majorly eight types of infographics which have their importance and applicability. Let us brief you on which type of infographics can be used where.


Infocrest wishes that our piece of information thoroughly enlightens you on the subject Infographics. If you find it useful then, please visit our website, social media pages and do not forget to like us and share the data with the world.

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